Gripfest 2021

What is Gripfest?

Gripfest is a Time Trial series. The format is single lap at a time with a standing start and flying finish. Cars are released far enough apart from each other that there is no passing. Competition is broken up into classes based on specifications and modifications.

What are the classes?

We have an “R” class specifically for all non-production-based race cars, a “U” class for the fastest of production-based cars, and classes “A” (faster) through “E” (slower). All production-based cars input through a classing calculator (see the specific event page for details) to determine classes U or A-E. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CLASSING CALCULATOR.

What if I’m a novice and I’ve never done this before?

Gripfest is perfect for you to dip your toes into track driving! NCCAR is a very open road course with lots of runoff. There is no passing and there is no worry about being near other cars on track. Novice trophies are given out for the fastest Novice in each of their respective classes at each event. You must have driven 2 or less track events (HPDE, Gripfest, etc) to qualify as a Novice – Therefore there is no championship trophy for Novices. Points accrued count towards your base class for the season points.

What are the safety requirements?

Vehicles running Gripfest must have no fluids leaking, brake pads at least as thick as the backing plate, tires with no cords showing, no play in steering/suspension components, adequate rollover protection for convertibles, seats and belts or harnesses (if applicable) safely mounted and secured. See our Supplemental Rules for all the details. SA2010 or SA2015 helmets are required. There are a limited number of loaner helmets available to borrow.

NEW for 2020, we now allow water/methanol injection.

Can I ride along with people?

Since it is a timed event, we do not allow passengers for hot laps.

What does the daily schedule look like?

We are currently building the schedule for the 2021 gripfest event. check back soon for an updated schedule!

What are the prizes?

For each event, awards will be given for each class winner, plus the fastest Novice in each class just like in the past. You must be present to receive the awards on day of the event.

How are points awarded?

The winner of each class will get 100 points. Other drivers are awarded points by the ratio of the top time in the class, divided by the driver’s time, to two decimal places.  For example: If first place runs 90.000 seconds, and second place runs 91.230 seconds, you take 90.000/91.230*100 = 98.65 points.