New Website

Welcome to our new website! We have ported over most of the content from our old website but not all. This was due in part to the difficulty in making the old content mobile friendly. Our new website can be viewed and easily read on both laptops and mobile devices.

We have consolidated some of the content and moved some things around but you should be able to get to the most important areasĀ from our top menu. From there you can get to club information, our events calendar, forum, and event results.

The events calendar is powered by Google Calendar and can be synched to your own if you like. We have added a feed from our MotorsportReg account to show you current events. We have also added a section on our home pageĀ to show you video’s from our new YouTube account.

Our old website is archived so if there is something that you would like to bring back, something that we missed, or have a question, please contact our webmaster through our contact form.

We hope you enjoy the new website and look forward to your feedback.