TSCC Membership

2023 Membership Available Now!

Membership Benefits

  • Eligible for championship series trophies.
  • Membership voting rights
  • $10 off entry fees for all regular events (does not include special events.)
  • Priority registration for all autocross events (if necessary, depending on venue)
    • Receive an email to register for an event 3 days before it is open to the public.
  • Physical Membership Card
  • Access to discounts through the Friends of TSCC Program
  • Access to club tools such as scales, fender roller, and others

Fee breakdown

  • $45.00 for a single membership
  • $70.00 for a family membership (includes up to 3 immediate family members** read below)

Championship Autocross Series Subscription

*Available only to TSCC members


  • All 8 entry fees pre-paid at reduced cost for all points events (does not include special events.)
  • You may choose a reserve number for the year.
  • Reduced cost/event if you plan on running all season

Fee Breakdown:

  • Season Subscription $215.00 –  If you run all 8 events, this works out to $26.88 per event, vs $35 normally. Note that you must still pre-register for each event individually.

TSCC will be running our events by class at each event.

TSCC is hosting 8 championship series autocross events in 2023; the Season Subscription saves you money if you plan on running at least 6 of them.  6 events will count towards Season Points (drop 2 of the 8 for points calculation).  You must run at least 5 of the 8 events AND be a TSCC member to qualify for a season trophy!

**Family memberships are intended for families living in the same household to include spouses, domestic partners, and children 22 and under, who are full time students. It is not intended for family members not living in the same household. For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the VP of Membership. Anyone found to be in violation of this will have all of their memberships revoked with no refund.