Lap Event at NCCAR

We are proud to announce our very first lap event. The event will be held at NCCAR, the day after Gripfest 11. All skill levels are welcome from beginner to track veteran! We will split participants into 4 groups of 15 drivers. One of the four groups will be dedicated to novice drivers who will be required to run with instructors.

Green: This is the novice group for anyone who has zero, or very limited track experience (2 weekends or less).  An instructor will be provided for all members of this group.

Yellow: This is the Intermediate group, which is for anyone with multiple weekends of experience. Instructors are available to all members of this group, but not required once the driver has been signed off for Solo.

Blue: This is the Advanced run group, which is for anyone with many track weekends, no instructors.

White: This is the instructor run group.

More information about rules and regulations can be found on the event page on MotorsportReg. This should be a really fun event with a lot of seat time. Come join us for both events for a full weekend of racing, we hope to see you there.

When: October 30, 2016 6:30am
Where: NCCAR

The local Hilton Garden Inn is providing us with a special group discount. Go to the link below to make your reservation today.

Offer available until 10/22
Discount Code: NCCAR
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