2018 TSCC Volunteers(Chiefs) Needed!

Hello All,
As you all know, with our sport, there are lots of things that
need to be done to make things run smoothly. In order to accomplish this
we need some people to volunteer for various jobs within the club.
The benefits of volunteering for the club are that you receive a 
free season autocross subscription(entry to all regular auto-x points 
events) and half price entry fee for all track events for the year.
Other benefits are the great sense of satisfaction you will have 
in knowing you contributed to the club and made all of our enjoyment 
possible when things run smoothly.
We need Chiefs for the following positions:
Chiefs of Security and Communications– We will need at least two.
Responsibilities to include controlling entry to our events. Making sure
everyone that enters signs a waiver and has a wristband. Also, may include making sure
all radios get charged between events and are ready to go on game day.
Chiefs of Registration– We will need at least two. Responsibilities to
include making sure all participants are checked in, paid and eligible to
compete. Co-ordinate with timing and scoring to make sure all driver/co-
driver, car make ,model/class info is correct. You will be responsible for
creating autocross events and importing the registration list from MSReg
the night before an event.
Chiefs of Novices-We will need two. Responsibilities to include assisting
novices In their first season of Auto-x. Mandatory course walk/Novice
drivers meeting with ALL novices which shall include all safety rules,
driving tips, course walking purpose and how to get the most out of a
course walk, how to work the course, call in penalties, red flags, etc.
You will also be riding along with novices, and/or making sure someone
else is available to ride along for those who need help/guidance.
Chief of Workers-We will need at least one. Your responsibilities will
include assigning workers for each heat to their individual work
assignments. This position requires a knowledge of the requirements of
each job to insure that positions are filled by the appropriate people.
Critical positions are to be filled by experienced people only.
We do already have Chiefs for Tech and Timing and Scoring but anyone wanting
to train/cross-train for ANY of these positions is welcome as we will need
people to fill spots in the inevitable event that some of our people are
unable to attend for whatever reason. The ideal situation would be to
have 2-3 people capable of filling in any position to keep things running
If you yourself do not want to volunteer but you know somebody
who does, PLEASE let us know!
We are all looking forward to making 2018 a great year for TSCC
and all of our members, and would love for you to be a part of it!
Please Contact:
Jeff Schmidt
VP of Chiefs, Tidewater Sports Car Club