2019 Winter Karting Series

We will be hosting a 5-Event Winter Karting Series from January-March before our Autocross and Track Event season with our friends at Le Mans Karting in Portsmouth!  Starting January 15th (Tuesday), then every other Tuesday through March 12th.

You must show up and register between 6:00 and 6:45pm.  Any late registrations may be admitted and start at the back of the field.

January 15 (Tue)

January 29 (Tue)

February 12 (Tue)

February 26 (Tue)

March 12 (Tue)

Online PRE-registration is not necessary, but if it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to sign up, click the links above.



$60 if 8 or less drivers show

$50 if 9-15 drivers show

$40 if 16+ drivers show up >>> Based on popularity last year this should not be a problem 🙂

NOTE:  You MUST have a Le Mans Karting license to participate!  The cost is $25 for the year if you do not hold one already.

Due to popular request and huge participation last year (30-40 people every night!), we will be running two classes based on driver weight.  Hellcat(Heavy) and Lotus(Light), depending on whether you are under or over 200lbs with helmet/gear.  Those eligible for the Hellcat class may run in Lotus if they wish.

There are multiple track configurations, a different one will be used for qualifying each night, with the Megatrack being used for each Main race.  Everybody will run TWO (7.5 min) qualifiers, your best time will be used to determine which of the (15 min) Main races you qualify for.

ALL drivers will run together regardless of class.  Each driver must add an “H” or “L” to the end of their racer name to identify which class they are running in for points to be calculated.

A Main will be the fastest 10 to 12 drivers

B Main will be the next fastest 10 to 12 drivers

C Main (etc etc)

# Of drivers in each Main race will be based upon how many participants overall are present, so as to not have a 2 or 3 person D Main for instance.

NEW this year also:  If you WIN any of the Main races, you may advance to the next level up to get a chance to duke it out for more points!  Win the B Main, you get to run in the A Main!

Points will be calculated based on position where you finish in a given Main race.  Where points end in the A main, they continue in the B main.  First place gets 100, second gets 98, third gets 96, etc etc. If there are 12 drivers in the A main, then for points purposes the B main first place finisher gets counted as thirteenth place for points reasons (76 points).  The formula is as follows:  Points awarded = 100 – (place finished*2) + 2.

Points are given regardless of class… If you are a Hellcat class driver, and finish second in the A main, you will receive 98 points. If the next fastest Hellcat class driver is in 8th place, they will receive 86 points.  Even though it is mixed-class racing, you still acquire more points for being faster than non-same-class driver (and thus ensuring you acquire more points towards your specific Hellcat or Lotus class against the others).

There will be FIVE events total, we will drop TWO of those events with your worst finishes.  You can miss two events and still potentially win overall.  If you get two first place finishes (100pts each), a fifth place (92pts), a third (96pts), and a second place (98pts), you receive 298pts total.

In the event of a tie for season points at the end of the season, then the lap times on record only from the Main races on Megatrack from the 2019 TSCC Winter Karting Series will be used to determine who finishes ahead of who.

Prizes:  At the end of the series, winners in each class will receive Gift Cards for Le Mans Karting.  Exact amounts will be posted soon!