Fall HPDE (10/12)

Come join us for our final track weekend of the year at NCCAR! Every driver will get over 100 minutes of tire-on-pavement track time!

Drivers will be separated in 5 main groups:

GREEN- novice drivers with no or minimal experience. Instructors required.

YELLOW- intermediate drivers who have participated in a few HPDE events. Instructor required.

Purple- intermediate drivers who have participated in a few HPDE events. Drivers in purple have been signed off to drive without an instructor.

BLUE- Experiences drivers who have participated in many HPDE events (experience will be verified)

WHITE- Instructors who assist and coach drivers in the Green and Yellow Groups (experience will be verified)

Drivers in Green and Yellow groups will have an experienced instructor riding with then giving feedback both on and off track.
The HPDE will be ran on Saturday with a Gripfest event Sunday.

registration is done through motorsportreg. the link to register can be found under the ticketing section of the event or here: http://msreg.com/TSCCfallHPDE2019

if you encounter any issues with registration, do not hesitate to contact our facebook page.

TSCC takes the safety or participants and their cars very seriously. Please be sure to read and understand our safety and tech requirements for the event. They can be found both on registration page and our website here: https://tidewatersportscarclub.com/track-events/ .

Our pre-tech day at the American DIY Garage is scheduled for September 15th. You can pre-register here: http://msreg.com/TSCCTechDay