2019 Championship Final Results

Members, below is the final seasons standings for the 2019 Autocross Championship. We thank you all for coming out to these events and making them better year after year. It is our committed members and novice drivers who allow us to continue forward as the Tidewater Sports Car Club.
There is one thing to note regarding the final standings:At the end of the 2019 season a classing protest was brought to the board by a member regarding the misclassing of a vehicle throughout the season. After following the procedures outlined by the SCCA SOLO rulebook and any TSCC supplemental rules, the board found the vehicle to have been knowingly misclassed. Because of this the member was made ineligible from season points and trophies for 2019. It is important that members stay aware of the trust given to them when it comes to classing their vehicles. While it may seem insignificant switching up to a higher class when you modify your vehicle, those actions can have consequences on final standings and could bump someone who has earned their spot out of the championship. We ask members to take a moment to review their vehicle and class, and if they have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us!