March Events Cancelled due to COVID-19

All TSCC members and friends,

A few days ago state and local governments placed restrictions on all events over a certain number of participants for an undetermined amount of time.  Unfortunately, we cannot positively control the number of participants at our events and ensure we stay below those limits. Furthermore, the concerns with social activities and the uncertainty of events could also lead us to situations where events could result in below our minimum break-even point resulting in losses to the club.  

Autocross: Due to this the board has really no choice but to suspend the 2020 autocross season until further notice.  We do plan to develop a makeup schedule so that we can still maintain 9 points events for the season. However, it is too early to tell how long this delay will last and therefore what timeframe we will have available for our events.  Therefore, we cannot provide any further details regarding the 2020 schedule and make up events.  

We will be processing refunds and/or cancelling payments as applicable for both the PE1 and the Novice School due to the uncertainty of the timeline for the events.  This will take place over the next day or two.  

Season Subscription holders, please remain patient until we determine the plan for the number of points events and makeup events.  We will issue partial refunds if we are forced to drop events from the scheduled 9. 

On a side note:  We have discussed two-day events and two events in a month to make up missed events but we just don’t have enough to go on yet.  This will be determined at a later date, though we would like member input on Saturday-Sunday double event weekends vs just adding another Sunday to each month.  Please email membership@tidewatersportscarclub any input you may have.

Winter Karting Series:  Due to the reasons above, and the challenges we have had with equipment this year, the board has elected to conclude the 2020 Winter Karting Series.  We have not determined if the three events held will result in a Series Championship or not. We are working with Lemans to collect the results data before making this call.  

HPDE and Gripfest:  NC Government has placed 30-day restrictions on large events at NCCAR which currently does not affect our April HPDE event, however, we are actively watching and plan to make a call on the HPDE schedule within the first week of April.  As of now both events are still a go.

I apologize for these delays and appreciate your patience as we all strive to keep everyone healthy and safe.  TSCC is using this time to prepare and have the racing season get started as soon as possible. 

Rob Godiciu

2020 President, Tidewater Sports Car Club

“Come for the racing…Stay for the family”