2020 Season Starts 5 July

With the ease of restrictions under the current Virginia governor’s Executive Order and the start of Phase 2, TSCC staff has been able to restart event planning for the remainder of the season. Over the past two weeks we have been able to review the legal requirements and published guidelines in order to develop a plan for each step of the event in order to keep everyone safe while maintaining the most enjoyable motorsports experience.

Here you will find the TSCC COVID 19 Phase 2 Autocross Supplemental rule set and event guidelines. Please take note of each section and be prepared for the first event

Here you will find the registration link for the first event of 2020 on 5 July at Pungo Airfield. http://msreg.com/TSCCJuly2020

The first event will be considered a provisional event and will not count towards season points. This is due to the fact that we can not have first time drivers at the event. TSCC safety policies requires first time drivers to autocross have an board approved instructor in the vehicle for their first event. This places the instructor and student unnecessarily closer to 6ft and inside a confined space which is difficult to sanitize. We can not accept the risk of not having an instructor in the car and we can not accept the risk of placing an instructor in the car. The exception to this is if the board approved instructor lives in the same household as the student. Because we must limit participation we believe the event does not afford fair and open competition for Novices and therefore we have elected to suspend the novice class until we can safely offer in car instructors. Because this restriction may only be for the first event or two the board has elected to make the July event a non-points event so that we do no spoil the opportunity for a proper event season after restrictions are lifted.

Season subscriptions will still apply to this event, as members have paid for autocross events, not for points only events. Once we finalize the remainder of the seasons schedule we will look at adjusting the pricing for the season subscription. This may result in a prorated refund.