Regarding Today’s Timing Issues


We want to start with thanking everyone for coming out today and spending your day with us; you are a second family to many, and we often look forward to these events. What occurred with timing and scoring during heat one was not up to our standards or your expectations and we want to apologize for that. When you take the time to attend one of our events you have an expectation for the organizer to be ready to roll and we dropped the ball.

To go into detail about this issue: the issue that occurred was due to axware, our timing software’s, classing system. When the classing was updated for 2021 some part of the file was misconfigured. This prevented the T&S workers from loading the driver data when a run was about to begin. While we could get the times of the run, we were unable to associate those times with the drivers. Thankfully some skillful staff was able to remote into the timing computer and identify the issue. The longer time wait was manually overriding the class of every driver in attendance. Once this was done, we were able to run the rest of the event.

We understand that many of you are frustrated with the timing issues that appear all too often at our events. The board is actively seeking new timing software to hopefully prevent further incidents. We appreciate your patience and understanding today and look forward to bigger and better events for the rest of the season. We expect processing these results will take 2-3 days as it will require manually organizing and preparing each class.

Thank you,
Tidewater Sports Car Club