Policy Updates for Points Event #2

As we prepare for this weekend’s event there are a few new policies and changes that are being implemented, updated, or clarified.

1) spectators WILL be allowed.

2) gates will open at 7:30. If you arrive before 7:30 you will be asks to wait on the dirt entryway to Pungo. This is to allow the club appropriate time to set up in the morning.

3) EVERYONE must check in at registration before parking. This will help us eliminate any T&S issues. Failure to check in will result in runs not being recorded and points not awarded for the event.

4) We are still following VA’s covid orders. If you are fully vaccinated (2 weeks past your second shot) you may voluntarily show check-in your vaccination card and be given a wristband denoting that. Otherwise we expect all attendees to following the guidelines set for non vaccinated individuals.

5) we will be doing time slips again. We expect these will be printed.

6) by popular demand announcing will make a return. We have purchased a second speaker to better cover paddock.

We have invested in some new signs and hardware to help implement these changes. Additionally we will now have a sign to denote if the course is open for walking.

Remember registration closes at midnight! See you all there!