Cancellation Of Events #5 and #6


As racers we like to use data to analyze the situation and project the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, the current data available for COVID-19 has painted a clear picture that it is not safe for the club or our members to continue hosting in person events, including autocross, for the 2020 season. The unfortunate truth is cases are on an exponential rise and the risk taken by continuing events is unacceptably high. We have a duty to protect the well being of all our members and cannot, in good faith, continue with these events.

Because of this, the board has made the difficult decision to POSTPONE the rest of the 2020 season to early next year. We understand that 4 points events is hardly a season and we hope spring next year is a safer time to complete this competition. Our goal is that these additional events will not affect the number of events in the 2021 season. Rest assured your 2020 membership and season subscription will be valid for these postponed events.

This club has survived for 67 years thanks to many members who still drive with us to this day. We would be doing these great members a disservice by continuing events that would put them, and everyone else, at risk. We wish to see the club continue for at least another 67 years and need everyone who participates there to make it a reality.

We would like to thank everyone for giving us your trust in leading the club through a very unusual season.

-2020 Board